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What Baby Monitor Should I Buy? – Best Baby Monitor 2020

Looking for a baby monitor, and can't decide what to buy?

We have the answer for you, with hours of research, and considering the features that will benefit you most, we found the right one for you.

The best affordable baby monitor

We are here to help you with this short baby monitor buying guide.

We know your time is valuable, so we will keep it short and to the point. When looking to make your purchase, you might find yourself asking – What monitor should I buy?

Doing the research yourself could take a lot of time and ending up more confused than before. That’s why we narrowed down the list from many to one choice.

Wherever you are looking for the best price, the best brand like Infant OpticsVTechMotorola, and iBaby, the first thing you have to ask yourself is how will you use it.

Video baby monitors could work with Wi-Fi – viewable via an APP on your smartphone, Wireless – viewable via a wireless monitor, or Both – viewable via an APP and wireless monitor.

A key element to consider is the remote strength since the primary purpose is to monitor and listen; the last thing you want is to lose access to the device. Hence, a secure and robust connection is critical.

I also strongly suggest going with a brand name manufacturer, although at a lot of other products, it’s unnecessary, however when it’s about monitoring your baby, you should go with a brand name.

We have looked and analyzed all the essential specs, recording quality, screen size display, two-way audio talk, alerts, night vision, humidity & temperature measurements, notifications, wireless connection strength, as well as video vs. audio. We balance it out to get the best baby monitor for you.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has the perfect mix; it’s a newer released model and budget-friendly, making it the ideal choice.

Go with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video.
Audio only baby monitor – VTech DM221 Audio.

Side note: Worth checking out this cool baby monitor brands – Nanit or Owlet.

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